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Custom Sized Tool Steel, Alloy Steel and Carbon Steel Bars

Tool Steels, Alloys & Carbon Bars
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Tool Steels, Alloys & Carbon Bars

Alloys Unlimited is a distributor of Specialty Tool steels, Alloy, and Carbon round bars. We house a large inventory of various grades, sizes, allowing us to rapidly supply you with the product you need, when you need it. We offer a rapid response system that will give you a price quote within minutes.

In quantities from one to one million pieces, we can supply you with round bars with diameters from 5" to 28".  Smaller diameters are available upon request, and if you have large diameter requirements, we are only one of a few suppliers in the U.S. with the resources to accommodate the larger sizes you need. Standard bar lengths of up to 20’ can be specified, and random lengths can also be supplied.

Heat treating, using a variety of methodologies including normalizing, flame hardening, and annealing, is done per your  requirements to meet the needs of the intended fabrication method and part specification. Ultrasonic testing is part of our quality assurance management system, which ensures that you are receiving only the highest quality materials.

We are able to process orders with lead times as short as 24-hr and our fleet of delivery trucks provide shipments within 125 miles. For more information on our tool steel, alloy steel, and carbon steel bars, contact us today.

We here at Alloys Unlimited, are a thriving Specialty Alloy, Carbon and Tool Steel bar distribution center. Located just a mile North of Interstate I-80, our 88,000 square foot facility enables us to stock a variety of sizes and grades. We have 14 fully automatic band saws, including three with capabilities up to 28" round or 20" square. Whether it is 1 piece or 10,000 pieces, Alloys Unlimited can provide you with material, that is cut and shipped quickly, accurately, and on-time, every time!

We can also offer semi-finished parts up to 28" round for dies, backers, bolster, liners, gears, sleeves, rings, hollow bar and tubing in any size or grade. We specialize in OD & ID combinations along with single or double-step down shafts, blind or stepped ID's, deep-hole drilling and trepanning among other rough machined options that we serve you with.

It is our 7 Turret lathes with capabilities of 28" round, along with 2 engine lathes and CNC Lathe capabilities that enable us to offer these services.

Need special Heat-Treating? Not a problem! We can supply you with those hard to find Brinell or Rockwell Hardnesses along with Annealing, Normalizing, Stress Relieving and Flame Hardening so when material arrives at your door, it is ready for its finishing machining.

The Alloys Unlimited quality management program ensures that all materials comply with ASTM, AISI, or SAE specifications and all products are fully certified.

For more information about our products and services please contact us today!!

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Tool Steel, Alloy Steel & Carbon Steel Bar Distribution Capabilities

Product Name Bars
Shape Round
Materials Alloys
Tool Steel
Others upon Request
Alloy Grades 4140 ANN/HT
4340 ANN/HT
8620 ANN
Tool Steel Grades A2
Carbon Grades 1045
Diameter 5 to 28 in
Smaller sizes available on request.
Length Up to 20 ft  Randoms
Weight Up to 29,000 lb
Lifting Capacity 15 ton
Inspection Fully Certified
Testing Ultrasonic Tested
Additional Capabilities Trepanning
Gun Drilling
Heat Treating < Special Hardness Stress Relieving Flame Hardening
Annealing or Normalizing
CAD Design Services
CAM Programming Services
Production Volume 1 to 10,000 pieces
Lead Time Within  24 hours
On Time Deliveries

Additional Information

Industry Focus Aluminum Extrusion
Gear Manufacturers
Machinery Building
Job Shops
General Fabricators
Intended Application Gears
Hollow Bar
Step Down Shafts
Fabricating Parts
Industry Standards ISO Compliant
File Formats BobCAD
Steel Plus
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